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September 8, 2022
Author: Julie

Stretching helps keep the muscles flexible to prevent further injury to the muscles.

Calf Stretch

This stretch can be done with both calves at the same time or one at a time.

Sit upright with leg extended in front of you. Place the ball of your foot in the middle of the stretch strap and pull gently toward your chest, keeping your leg straight. Hold 8-15 seconds.

Hamstring Stretch

Lie on your back. Place the arch of your foot in one end of the stretch strap. Slowly and gently bring the foot toward your head, keeping the leg mostly straight with a slight bend at the knee. Hold 8-15 seconds. Stretch each leg separately.

Quad Stretch

Lie on your stomach. Place the end of the stretch strap around your foot of the leg you want to stretch. Reach over your shoulder (same side as leg to be stretched) and grasp the other end of the strap. Gently bring the heel of your foot towards your buttocks. Remember to keep your hips down. You may need to take up the slack in the strap as you stretch.

Triceps or Arm Stretch

Grasp one end of the stretch strap with one hand and behind your shoulder. With the other hand behind your back, grab onto the strap. With your lower arm, gently pull upper arm down.

Shoulder Stretch

With one hand grasp a loop towards one end of the stretch strap. Place strap behind your back and with your other hand grasp a loop toward the other end of the strap. Remember to find loops that are comfortable for you as you extend your arms out. Slowly and gently life your hand up toward the ceiling. Do not lift too far, only to a slightly uncomfortable position.

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About the Author Julie

Julie is the business strategist at RangeMaster and is passionate about living healthy, fitness, food, and her community. Being an active athlete herself and victim of numerous injuries, she works to help the people in her community heal from injuries and get back to the activities they love doing. She lives in Washington with her husband and dog, Luna.

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  1. Excellent instruction that accompanies and EXCELLENT product. This is great not only for people who are rehabilitating an injury, but also for anyone who is beginning an exercise regimen for overall health.

    GREAT product and GREAT company to work with!

    Thank you RangeMaster!

    Lianne Navedo

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