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Pull-Easy™ Shoulder Pulley with grip-free hold


Are you on the path to recovery or managing shoulder discomfort? Discover the Pull-Easy™ Shoulder Pulley – your ultimate solution for improving mobility and hastening recovery. Our meticulously crafted tool is perfect for anyone in the initial stages of shoulder rehabilitation, or for those struggling with range of motion issues due to conditions like arthritis, tendonitis, or frozen shoulder syndrome.

Available Attachment Types

  • METAL BRACKET – The metal bracket attachment makes it easy to attach the pulley system to the top of the door. Fits most doors and is designed not to cause damage to door finish.

  • NYLON WEB STRAP – The nylon web strap over door hanger makes it easy to attach the pulley system over the top of any closed door. Fits most 2 inch doors and does not cause damage.

Reclaim Your Mobility with the Pull-Easy™

The Pull-Easy™ Shoulder Pulley system is specially designed for those with limited grasping ability due to injuries within the shoulder complex or central nervous system. With its grip-free hold and pillow-soft foam wrist support, it gently kickstarts the process of restoring range-of-motion to the shoulder.

Included in your purchase is a choice of a compact, portable metal bracket or webbing door strap attachment, plus a comprehensive guide designed for both individual and caregiver-assisted exercise.

Your comfort and recovery are our top priorities. The Pull-Easy™ Shoulder Pulley is more than a tool - it's your partner on the path to better mobility and improved quality of life. Discover the Pull-Easy™ difference today.

Key Features

Grip-Free Sling

Relax and let the healing begin. Our grip-free sling keeps your hand in a neutral, thumbs-up position, extending your range of motion and allowing your shoulder joint to completely relax during exercise. Designed for the ultimate comfort and efficacy in post-surgery recovery.

Custom Pulley

Built to last. Our custom pulley features a zinc-coated metal housing that remains unscathed over time. Experience smooth, effortless movement with our self-lubricating nylon roller - a testament to our dedication to quality and your recovery.

Easy Install Attachments

Choose from a metal bracket or a nylon web strap to easily attach the pulley system to the top of any door. Both are designed to fit most 2-inch doors without causing damage.

Adjustable Length and Easy Storage

Flexibility at your fingertips. The wooden handle allows for easy adjustment of the 77-inch cord length, catering to your comfort and unique needs. Plus, it's easy to store when not in use.

Comprehensive Therapy Guide

Your guide through the healing process. The Pull-Easy™ Shoulder Pulley comes with a comprehensive patient guide, perfect for leading you through exercises and aiding your rehabilitation journey.

Ideal for those recovering from a myriad of conditions, including:

  • Stroke survivors
  • Mastectomy patients
  • Rotator cuff surgery patients
  • People suffering from frozen shoulder
Door Attachment

Metal Door Bracket, Webbing Door Strap