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RangeMaster® Classic Shoulder Pulley

(9 customer reviews)


  • RESTORE SHOULDER HEALTH – Shoulder pulleys use the force of gravity to gently increase range of motion and blood flow to the shoulder joint. This passive exercise helps the healing process and gets you to a pain-free range of motion.
  • SHOULDER PAIN RELIEF – The shoulder is a self-lubricating joint, but if there is little to no movement there is no lubrication. Smooth movements with a shoulder pulley help the shoulder lubricate itself. “Oil” for the shoulder is stored in a sub-surface tissue sack called the bursa. The only way this “synovial fluid” can be pumped from the bursa through the shoulder is with movement.
  • OUR SHOULDER PULLEY -Made with a custom pulley with zinc-coated housing to resist deformation over time. Wooden handles allow easy adjustability of the 85-inch cord to ensure comfort and easy use.
  • DUAL LANGUAGE PATIENT GUIDE – This complete flip-chart English/Spanish patient guide teaches you about your shoulder and provides exercise examples for the shoulder pulley.

Door Attachment Options

  • METAL BRACKET – The metal bracket attachment makes it easy to attach the pulley system to the top of the door. Both sides of the bracket are padded with foam or a plastic sleeve. Fits most doors and does not cause damage.
  • NYLON WEB STRAP – The nylon web strap over door hanger makes it easy to attach the pulley system over the top of any closed door. Fits most 2 inch doors and does not cause damage.

Handle Options


The RangeMaster® Overhead Shoulder Pulley is a high quality, low cost shoulder pulley with several innovative features.


  • Easily adjustable line length

  • Custom-made nylon-roller pulley that won’t squeak

  • Exercise guide with extensive exercise options. Both English/Spanish versions included!

  • Choice of wooden or molded rubber handles

  • Choice of a compact, portable door bracket or a patented, non-slip webbing door strap

Type of Handle

Molded Rubber Handle, Wooden Handle

Door Attachment

Metal Door Bracket, Webbing Door Strap

9 reviews for RangeMaster® Classic Shoulder Pulley

  1. Bates

    Very easy to use and very helpful

  2. George

    Love the online instructional videos for the pulley

    I got the web strap version

  3. Wes

    It is very fairly priced and has been a great product.

  4. Wallum

    Have used Rangmaster pulleys along with other exercises given to me by PT to do at home between visits and has really helped me.

  5. Peggy

    No squeaking, no jumping unlike the therapists choice pulley

  6. Kevin L.

    I like that it comes with a very well done manual. I’m an OT and bought this for a client. It is exactly as expected, price was right and shipping was super fast. My therapy office uses all RangeMaster products.

  7. John M.

    Definite A+ for this over-the-door pulley system. No cheap parts here. I’ve tried other shoulder pulleys (Therapists Choice, Vive) and this one blows them away. Everything feels like quality and like it’s going to last. I definitely recommend this product, don’t let the price fool you! You get way more than you pay for!

    Besides all that, my shoulder feels WAY better.

  8. Melissa P.

    Hubby had shoulder replacement and his surgeon recommended this item to slowly gain back his range of motion. It’s super simple to use and he loves it. It has definitely increased his range of motion. Received it in just a couple days too! Highly recommended!

  9. Robert R.

    Fixed my frozen shoulder! GREAT PRODUCT AND PRICE!!!

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