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Our inexpensive, easy to use Shoulder Pulley is loved by over 200,000 people like you every year for resolving shoulder pain and restoring range of motion.

Get yours today for less than $16 and get back to doing the things you love faster than you thought possible!

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Shoulder Rehab Tools

Why Shoulder Pulleys?

Over-the-door shoulder pulleys are proven to help improve range of motion and alleviate shoulder pain due to injury or surgery, frozen shoulder, tendonitis, arthritis and more.

Improve Range of Motion

Our pulleys assist you to stretch your shoulder in various directions to improve mobility—and ultimately the function—of your shoulder.

Eliminate Shoulder Pain

Performing pain-free range of motion exercises with our shoulder pulley system are often the initial steps to restoring range of motion and function to your painful shoulder.

Incredibly Affordable

A shoulder pulley is likely the least expensive thing you can try to fix your shoulder pain.

Customer Testimonials

Every week I find myself explaining to patients how both research and experience have proven that simple pulleys bring back shoulder range of motion quickly and less painful than any other exercises, each week after just one or two sessions the once skeptical patients agree. More importantly they are pleased.

After just one session I could tell that my range of motion had improved and I felt that my shoulder was loosening up. This is a great product for those who suffer periodically from shoulder impingement syndrome. 

Now I can do things like sleep on that side, put on a shirt or jacket (without a struggle or help) I can now raise that arm to a vertical position over my head.

After being involved in a serious motorcycle accident, where my shoulder was badly injured, my physical therapist started me using this same item in therapy. He recommended I purchase one for use at home. Through them the cost was $47. Way better price on their website. It works well helping to get my range of motion back.

Where Are You On Your Shoulder Journey?


When you are ready, over-the-door shoulder pulley exercises done in a pain-free arc will promote circulation to the injured shoulder. Face the door seated or standing. 


Stretching is important because prolonged immobility can cause scar tissue to form. Without stretching, limited range of motion can become permanent.


To complete shoulder therapy, it is generally recommended that the patient perform resistance exercises to firm up and balance the muscles supporting the joint.

Rob Allen has been selling shoulder pulleys for over 30 years

About RangeMaster® 

A former newspaper reporter and editor, RangeMaster® owner Rob Allen has been researching, designing and distributing shoulder therapy tools since 1997. Over the years, the company has helped more than 2 million shoulder patients move along the road to recovery. RangeMaster® is a corporate sponsor of the American Society of Shoulder and Elbow Therapists.


Money Back Guarantee

What Are You Waiting For? 

There's absolutely NO RISK with our lifetime Money Back Guarantee.


What is a shoulder pulley?

Shoulder pulleys are part of an affordable medical exercise alternative to invasive shoulder surgery. Improve range of motion, increase blood flow, and reduce pain in an injured or frozen shoulder.

How do I use my shoulder pulley?

Simply place the webbing or bracket of the pulley over the top of any interior door in your home, shut the door, use your healthy arm and shoulder to passively move your injured arm.

What are door attachments?

Our shoulder pulleys will come with the option of a Metal Bracket door attachment or a Webbing Strap door attachment. You and your doctor or physical therapist can assess your need and which would be better for your recovery and mobility.

How much is shipping?

Every order on our website includes fast & free shipping. 

When will I receive my order?

We ship every single order fast & free! Most customers receive their orders in 2-3 business days. If received before 3PM PST, your order will ship same day from our headquarters in Spokane, WA.

How old is RangeMaster®?

RangeMaster® has been designing and distributing professional grade shoulder therapy products for over 30 years. Rob Allen has owned the company since 1997.

What is your return policy?

We at RangeMaster stand behind our products 100%. We offer a lifetime unconditional money back guarantee on everything we sell. If you're unsatisfied for any reason, we will make it right with either replacement product or a full refund. Contact customer service if you have any issues and we will remedy them with the utmost priority.

What is RangeMasterU?

RangeMasterU is our very own educational and recovery portal. It's packed with text and video tutorials to help you get better, faster! Every purchase of a RangeMaster® product comes with lifetime access to RangeMasterU.

RangeMaster is an authorized shoulder health supplies contractor for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.