Published 06/22/2023 by Shelby

Have you ever dislocated your shoulder?It can be very painful!If you have never experienced this type of injury before, then you may be wondering how to know if you have dislocated the shoulder.Let’s break down the following:What a dislocated shoulder (continue...)

Published 03/07/2023 by Eric

Why Does My Shoulder Hurt Worse at Night?Shoulder pain can be a debilitating condition that interferes with daily activities and can lead to sleep disturbances. In particular, shoulder pain that worsens at night can make it difficult to fall and (continue...)

Published 03/07/2023 by Shelby

We’ve previously talked about how a shoulder wand can be a great tool to help regain full shoulder range of motion.  Shoulder recovery will usually require a transition and progression from improving passive range of motion, to active assisted range of motion, to active range of motion.  Regaining full (continue...)