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Shoulder Finger Ladder


  • PHYSICAL THERAPY TOOL – Use the new patent pending Shoulder Finger Ladder to help stretch and increase your range of motion in your fingers, wrist, arms, and shoulders.
  • INCREASE RANGE OF MOTION – The small intervals on the ladder allow for a gradual progression to help increase your range of motion.
  • STRETCH AND STRENGTHEN – RangeMaster’s Shoulder Finger Ladder slowly stretches and strengthens the muscles in the hand, arm, and shoulder.
  • EASY TO SET UP – Simply put the nylon strap around a door, and adjust the strap to securely tighten it around the door. Once the strap is tighten, securely shut the door, and begin your stretches. Easy to take anywhere with you.
  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY – High quality physical therapy tool. Shoulder Finger Ladder is just what you use at the clinic to measure your range of motion.

Shoulder Finger Ladder Setup

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