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Cancer Recovery Strength and Mobility Kit (Pink)


  • ALL IN ONE KIT – RangeMaster’s Shoulder Therapy Kit helps move you through the phases of recovering from Breast Cancer. It includes our Shoulder Pulley with Metal Bracket Door Attachment, collapsible Shoulder Wand, ShoulderFit Resistance Exerciser, Patient Guide, and Carrying/Storage Bag.
  • SHOULDER PULLEY (MOVE) – Custom-designed pulley with a zinc-coated metal housing that won’t melt or deform over time and a self-lubricating nylon roller.
  • SHOULDER WAND (STRETCH) – Physical therapy grade tool to stretch your pectoral muscles and shoulder muscles for greater mobility and comfort
  • SHOULDER FIT (STRENGTHEN) – 36 inches of variable-resistance, flex cord/tube with an integrated plastic handle to ensure patient comfort by eliminating grasping of the elastic material. The non-slip Thera-Loop Door Anchor turns any hinged door into a home flex cord gym.
  • BREAST CANCER PATIENT GUIDE – This complete patient guide teaches you about your Breast Cancer Recovery steps and provides exercise examples for the shoulder pulley.

The RangeMaster Breast Cancer Recovery Kit comes specially designed for your breast cancer recovery!

Research shows that gentle stretching, strengthening, and range of motion exercises during and after breast cancer treatment are safe and beneficial for eliminating or reducing upper limb impairments. These tools provide an excellent way for you to get started on a structured program.

This special kit includes everything you need to start a home rehabilitation program for restoring upper body mobility and conditioning after breast cancer treatment.