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Over 10 million American's visit their primary care physician every year to try and find out what's going on with their shoulder.

Over 2 million opt to have shoulder surgery.

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Say goodbye to your painful rotator cuff once and for all with a RangeMaster® shoulder pulley!

The Truth About Shoulder Pulleys

Shoulder Pulleys are incredibly simple and easy for everyone to use!


Performing pain-free range of motion exercises with our shoulder pulley system is often the initial step in restoring range of motion and function to your now frozen painful shoulder!


We've been the #1 most trusted brand in shoulder rehab for over 30 years. Our extensive data indicates that most people see noticeable improvement after just 3 days of regular shoulder pulley use. You can too!


Compared to other astronomically expensive treatments, a shoulder pulley is the least expensive thing that you can try to fix your frozen shoulder and get back to doing the things that you love!

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Real Results from Our Satisfied Customers

"Cheapest range of motion tool!"

"I am a physio and have been using this with my clients with shoulder injuries for years. Easy to place over the door without scratching paint, smooth mechanics - it is the best tool for my patients to use in-between physio visits."

- Iveta, PT

"Best therapy for rotator cuff issues"

"I used the shoulder pulley religiously after my rotator cuff surgery. My PT recommended this specific one because it's the highest quality they've seen at their office. My post surgery pain is GONE after just a few weeks of consistent use with the RangeMaster Pulley."


"I could cry with gratitude"

"I sustained a moderate sized full thickness tear to my rotator cuff after a fall. I've been having PT and even got a cortisone shot, but my shoulder was still incredibly painful. My doctor said I'll need another surgery if I don't show improvement soon. I used the pulley for the first time today, and not only was I able to stretch more than before. By far the best $16 I have ever spent."

- Elizabeth A.

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