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February 18, 2020
Author: Eric
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  • Shoulder Tendon Healing For Patients 65 and Older: Can It Happen?

Rotator Cuff Tears and Older Patients

Over the years, rotator cuff tear repairs through arthroscopy has become a common surgical technique. With these types of repairs, there are three key factors which will affect the outcome of the surgery:

  1. Size of tear

  2. Amount of fatty tissue breakdown around the joint

  3. Age of the patient

There are not many studies that measure the amount of functional improvement post-surgery. However, of those that do, they show there is significant functional improvement for those patients sixty-five and older.

So, a team of researchers set out to dig a little bit deeper.

In order to learn more about specifically tendon healing of those 65 and older, a study was done of 358 rotator cuff tear surgery patients to determine the rate and type of healing observed as well as the functional outcome in those subjects aged 65 and older.

These patients were evaluated at 3, 6, 12, and 24 months and then yearly to test for tendon healing and functionality. To evaluate the integrity of the repair, 3 stages of healing were used throughout:

  1. Watertight and anatomic healing: considered normal if there was no contrast media inside the tendon.

  2. Watertight and partial healing: this was classified when contrast was seen within the tendon no matter if it communicated with the subacromial space.

  3. Not watertight and re-tear: this showed there was still a complete or full-thickness tear.

The Results Show Hope For Older Patients

The results of the study showed that arthroscopic repair in patients 65 and older can produce tendon healing that also results in significant functional improvement. This result is especially prevalent when patients aged 65 and older are suffering from a small or medium-sized tear.


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About the Author Eric

Eric is a marketing technician at RangeMaster and also a shoulder surgery warrior. A severe accident resulted in multiple surgeries and Eric’s recovery was aided in no small part to RangeMaster products. It was because of their amazing product that he could live independent from painkillers and do all the things he loved before the accident (which includes boxing). He lives in Washington with his wife and children, who are the light of his life.

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