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RangeMaster Handle for Tubing and Banding (10 Pack)


  • PERFECT FOR CLINICS – The smooth, hard plastic handles are built to last and easy to clean and sanitize. Our webbed nylon is slip resistant ensuring a tight hold to the attached tubing or banding. Packaged in a large quanity.
  • COMFORT – The smooth durable handle makes it easy to hold while exercising. Eliminate any discomfort from holding onto the tubing or banding directly by connecting the Thera-Loop™ handle to it.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND VERSATILE – Thera-Loop™ Handles attach to any resistance tubing or banding without adding much additional weight to the product.

Benefits of the Thera-Loop™  Handle Include:

  • Attaches to any tubing or banding
  • Eliminates discomfort of holding stretched material of tubing or banding
  • Improves compliance with home exercises
  • Ideal for Upper and Lower Extremity exercises
  • Compliments our Thera-Loop™ Door Anchor



Easy to Clean
Our heavy-duty plastic handles make it easy to wipe down and sanitize between client appointments, ensuring a clean surface for each client.


Strong Material
We make our TheraLoop Handles with strong nylon material to prevent breakage from repetitive use.


Easy to attach
Our handles are easy to attach to any tubing or banding. Simply loop the handle nylon around, through the tubing or banding, and pull to secure.


Packed for Clinics
With our ten-pack, you can attach them to various banding or tubing. Plus, with the ease of attachment, you’ll have the flexibility to interchange the handles easily.

Also included is our Thera-Loop™ Door Anchor, a perfect complement to our handles. Once you attach the tubing or banding to the handles, slip it through the loop in the door anchor, place the anchor in your door hinge and securely close the door to hold it in place.