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Thera-Loop™ Door Anchor (50 Pack)


  • NON-SLIP – Non-slip webbing door anchor is compatible with any exercise banding and tubing and will stay secure throughout use.
  • PORTABLE EXERCISE SYSTEM – Transforms a door into an exercise system that’s in your daily routine.
  • ADJUSTABLE – Therloop fits securely in your door hinge and allows for numerous height adjustment and placement options. Find the height that works for you.
  • PROTECTS – RangeMaster’s Thera-Loop™ are created with nylon that will protect banding and tubing during use.
  • VERSATILE – The large loop anchors fit most sizes of tubing or banding and works within any door frame.

The Thera-Loop™ Non-slip Door Anchor is for tubing or banding exercises.

  • Anchors all sizes of tubing or band within any door frame
  • Adjusts to any height and will not slip up or down
  • Protects tubing/band from damage (not included in product)
  • Improve compliance with home exercise and increases exercise specificity
  • Exercise and stretch upper extremity, lower extremity, cervical, and trunk

Thera-Loop™ Door Anchor

RangeMaster’s Thera-Loop™ Door Anchor is the perfect compliment for your exercise bands or tubing to complete your exercise routine. Simply place the web strap in your door hinge at the desired height, shut the door securely, and begin your exercise. The non-slip nylon strapping holds securely in your door and won’t damage it as you go through your exercises.

The Best Shoulder Pulley for Shoulder Pain

Our Thera-Loop™ Door Anchor is small enough to bring with you anywhere so you won’t miss a step in your exercise routine.


The Best Shoulder Pulley for Shoulder Pain

Heavy Duty
Made with strong nylon with interlocking stitching, our Thera-Loop™ will hold up through many times of use.

The Best Shoulder Pulley for Shoulder Pain

No Damage
Made with nylon material and no plastic, our door anchor won’t damage the doors you use it on. It is designed to be scratch and dent proof, as well as protect your exercise band or tubing throughout its use.

The Best Shoulder Pulley for Shoulder Pain

Resistance Exercising
Thera-Loop™ Door Anchors work with any tubing or banding. With it’s large opening, know it is the perfect compliment to any type of banding or tubing you use for your resistance training.

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