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BlueRanger™ Shoulder Pulley


Eliminate shoulder pain with the BlueRanger™ Shoulder Pulley. Perfect for recovery and rehabilitation of an injury or surgery or if you are just looking to improve strength and mobility. Proven to increase your range of motion if you’re suffering from arthritis, tendonitis, frozen shoulder syndrome, rotator cuff injury, bursitis and other impingement issues.

The shoulder self lubricates with movement. No movement? No lubrication (and pain!) Smooth movements with a shoulder pulley help the shoulder lubricate itself. “Oil” for the shoulder is stored in a sub-surface tissue sack called the bursa. The only way this “synovial fluid” can be pumped from the bursa through the shoulder is with movement – and that’s exactly what the shoulder pulley is designed to help you with!

Affordable, simple and effective, this shoulder therapy system is highly recommended by physical therapists at every stage of shoulder rehabilitation.

Available Attachment Types
  • Nylon Door Strap – The nylon web strap attaches the pulley system over the top of any closed door.
  • Metal Door Bracket  – This over door hanger makes it easy to attach the pulley system over the top of your door. Fits most 2 inch doors and is specifically designed not to cause damage to door finish.
Features & Uses
  • RESTORE SHOULDER HEALTH – Shoulder pulleys use the force of gravity to gently increase range of motion and blood flow to the shoulder joint. This passive exercise helps the healing process and gets you to a pain-free range of motion.
  • OUR SHOULDER PULLEY – Made with a custom pulley with zinc-coated housing to resist deformation over time. Cleated handles allow easy adjustability of the 85-inch cord to ensure comfort and easy use.
  • #1 RECOVERY TOOL – Ideal for preventing shoulder surgery, assisting in rehabilitation after surgery or injuries, and for general range of motion improvement. Greatly increased functional range and reduces shoulder pain due to arthritis, tendonitis, frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis), rotator cuff injury, bursitis, and other impingement issues.
The Truth About Shoulder Pulleys
  • SHOULDER PULLEYS ARE PAIN FREE! – Performing pain-free range of motion exercises with our shoulder pulley system is often the initial step in restoring range of motion and function to your now painful shoulder!
  • SHOULDER PULLEYS ARE FAST ACTING! – Most customers report a noticeable improvement after just 3 days of regular shoulder pulley use.
  • SHOULDER PULLEYS ARE SUPER AFFORDABLE! – A shoulder pulley is likely the least expensive thing that you can try to fix your shoulder pain and get back to doing the things that you love!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main purpose of a shoulder pulley?

A shoulder pulley is designed to help restore shoulder health, increase range of motion, and relieve pain by using the force of gravity to gently stretch and strengthen the shoulder joint.

How does a shoulder pulley work?

The pulley system enables smooth, controlled movements that help lubricate the shoulder joint and pump synovial fluid through the shoulder, reducing pain and inflammation.

Is the shoulder pulley suitable for pre-surgery and post-surgery rehabilitation?

Yes, the shoulder pulley is recommended by physical therapists for both pre-surgery and post-surgery rehabilitation to help patients regain mobility and strengthen their shoulder muscles.

Can a shoulder pulley help me avoid surgery?

In some cases, regular use of a shoulder pulley can help improve shoulder joint health to the point where surgery may no longer be necessary. However, it's important to consult with a healthcare professional before making any decisions regarding surgery.

Is the shoulder pulley adjustable?

Yes, the shoulder pulley features cleated handles that allow for easy adjustability of the 85-inch cord to ensure comfort and proper positioning during exercises.

Will the shoulder pulley fit on any door?

The metal bracket version is designed to fit over the top of most 2-inch doors without causing damage. The web strap version fits over any door and can also be used in the side of the door for more versatility.

What is the difference between the metal bracket and the web strap?

The metal bracket provides a more stable and visible reminder to do your exercises, while the web strap is more portable and can be used on the side of the door jamb as well as over the door. The metal bracket will stay up when the door is opened while the web strap will fall down.

Both are great products, but we recommend the metal bracket for most users.

Is it painful to use the shoulder pulley?

No! The shoulder pulley is designed for pain-free, passive range of motion exercises. However, it's important to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new exercise regimen, especially if you've recently had surgery or have surgery planned.

What is the warranty and return policy for the shoulder pulley?

The shoulder pulley comes with a lifetime, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee, providing customers with peace of mind in their purchase.

How often should I use the shoulder pulley?

The recommended frequency of use may vary depending on your individual needs and rehabilitation goals, but we typically recommend 3-5 times a day, 10-15 reps each time for most users.

It's always best to consult with a healthcare professional or physical therapist for personalized advice on using the shoulder pulley.

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Door Attachment

Metal Door Bracket, Webbing Door Strap