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Welcome affiliates! This page is dedicated to providing you with brand guidelines and media for your use to ensure success as a RangeMaster® Partner! So let's get started...


When you need to use the RangeMaster® logo on social media, videos or other creative material that you build, please only used the below partner approved logo styles. 

Click any logo to open it up full size, then save.

You will notice the file has included whitespace on all four sides. This space is required when using in your media.

We also have stylized logos for many of our individual products. If you are going to run a product specific campaign and would like to use these logos, contact


Hex code: # 0079C1

This is the standard RangeMaster® blue and is approved for use when referring to any product.

Hex code: # EC1A8C

Optional, but approved for use when referring to our PinkPulley or cancer care products.

Social Media

Our official social media links are as follows:


You are free to use any product image that you find on as long as it is used in relationship to the RangeMaster® Partner program. For any other use, please write and ask for permission to use.

Some of the images on our website have been compressed beyond use for some mediums. If you require a higher resolution photo, please email with a reference to the needed image and we'll be happy to accommodate your needs.

We also have a collection of stock imagery that we've either created or licensed for our use. If you need this type of imagery for the promotion of RangeMaster® products, we'd be happy to provide it.

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