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The Best Shoulder Pulley for Shoulder Pain

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Based on the other items you've ordered, you're probably using an arm sling right now.

If that's correct, then The RangeMaster SlingThing™ Is a Patent Pending universal sling attachment that relieves neck strain from arm slings, one of the most common complaints during shoulder rehab!

We tirelessly research ways to make rehabbing from shoulder injury or surgery more comfortable and more effective. This product solves a common complaint amongst most shoulder warriors!

Made of soft neoprene, it gently contours the arm and attaches with just the right amount of "stick" from the Velctro attachment points.

This is one of our most well reviewed and loved products, and we're sure you'll love it too!

We guarantee it will work with your arm sling. And this product benefits from RangeMaster's world famous Lifetime Guarantee. Yes, lifetime! Forever and ever!