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The Best Shoulder Pulley for Shoulder Pain

RangeMaster is offering a free sample of our most popular shoulder pulley, the RangeMaster Classic Metal Bracket.

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The results are in. Customers prefer the Metal Bracket!

We've looked at our internal data and when customers buy direct from RangeMaster, 88% of them choose the Metal Bracket pulley because it goes up, stays up and encourages them to continue their exercises at home.

Goes up easy

The metal bracket is much easier to hang over the door than the nylon web strap pulley. This is a big deal for patients suffering from a painful shoulder.

Stays up

The metal bracket stays up after exercises are complete as a visual reminder for patients to do their exercises. Patients do not want to continue to hang the web strap version, especially fresh out of surgery!

Encourages use

When patients see the shoulder pulley hanging on their closet door every morning, they're reminded and encourages to do their exercises and continue recovery. 


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You're going to love RangeMaster products. We're so confident, in fact, that we're willing to send you a free sample - we'll even pay for the shipping! No strings attached, absolutely free. Click the button below to select your product.

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