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November 6, 2020
Author: Eric
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“Tech Neck” is Taking a Toll on Americans’ Posture

The average American spends two hours a day in a neck-bent position as they look at their phones and answer emails. This has led to an increasing amount of people complaining of headaches, neck, back and shoulder pain. This can lead to even more serious health conditions in the future, or even the formation of a hunch on a person’s upper back/neck area. As we continue to use technology, it is important to understand the impact it can have on health and how to fix these issues.

When Does “Tech Neck” Happen?

Considering the large amount of time people spend looking down at their phones. It’s easy to understand why “tech neck” might occur. Specifically though, “tech neck” is described at the position the head and neck reaches when a device such as a tablet, laptop, or phone is held at the chest or waist level. In this position, the eyes are focused down on the screen, causing the neck and head to hunch forward.

This position puts pressure on the discs within the back, may cause a pinched nerve in the eyes or elsewhere, or at times the pressure extends all the way into the shoulders. This is why many people who are in this position complain of pain the neck, back and shoulders or complain of having constant headaches.

How To Fix “Tech Neck”

Thankfully, there are a few simple posture exercises that can help people become more aware of when they are in the tech neck position and correct themselves out of it.

Solution #1

This exercise involves putting your back against the wall. Next, the goal is to place the back of your head against the wall as well. For some with a back cause of “Tech Neck”, this can be difficult to accomplish. You can try doing this exercise while looking at a phone as well to help create muscle memory for when you are looking at your phone.

Solution #2

The second solution is another exercise that can be easily done at home. To do this, simply lay on your back while intentionally placing your shoulders flat on the ground. Next, place your fingers in between the hollow place between your neck and the ground. Finally, maneuver your next to try to get your neck to touch the floor.

Solution #3

The final solution to fix “tech neck” is to monitor your posture when using electronic devices. You can have friends or family help watch for when you might be slipping back into the “tech neck” posture.

Watch this video by Bob and Brad to learn more about “tech neck” and see these solutions in action.

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